Friday, September 11, 2009

Jacob passed his egg challenge!

Yipppeee!!!! We are so excited! Daddy took him to the food challenge. They were there for 4 hours!!!! They brought cookies, brownies, french toast, pancakes... Then Jacob was allowed a few bites at a time. He kept eating it until he finished a couple of pieces of french toast. Of course he loved it and got mad when they told him he could only have 1 bite the first round (that would be hard for me as well - LOL!)

Anyway, I got a video of Jacob eating his first homemade cookie.. it was pretty cute. I have been trying to post it, but it is doing something funky, so I will work on it and post it later.

Next Friday we have our soy challenge. Hopefully he passes that too... not like we really have much soy, but regardless it will be nice to only have one food to avoid. Peanuts.

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