Sunday, February 14, 2010

My handsome guy!

I bribed him with cookies today for some pictures (it is the only way I can get his pictures

Sometimes I think I should get him into modeling!

Love that they have each other!

I have been having so much fun watching my two precious little kiddos interact with each other. I just can't believe how much the love each other and enjoy playing with each other. I really hope this continue throughout their childhood. I sure love that they have each other!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

We love snow days!

We have been very spoiled with snow days around here. We had 2 and a half days off of school this week. It has been so fun to hang out as a family. Jacob loved going outside to play with dad. We even dropped Bella off at Grandmas's one day and mom and dad took Jacob sleeding. He had a BLAST! Even though we have enjoyed the snow days we are all itching for spring to arrive. We can't wait to be out everyday playing and running around in the sun! Hopefully we have an early spring.

Here are some snowy pics!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jacob finds a friend

So yesterday I found out that Jacob has an imaginary friend. Not sure how long this friend has been around, but it was totally cracking me up yesterday. They played for a good hour in my shower stall "fixing" things. I tried to ask him what his friends name was and he said.. "mom, it is just a girl"... so I guess his friend's name is girl. LOL Here they are fixing some things....

I also have to share Jacob's latest drawing.. I think it is so cute. He is actually drawing people that kind of look like people.. with legs and arms and a mouth and eyes.

I am wondering if his "big friend" is his imaginary friend????? LOL!

Bella is 10 months old !

My little girl is growing up fast. I need a pause button or something to slow everything down. I am not sure I am ready to have a one year old. She continues to be such a blessing to our family. She is standing on her own and walking with a push toy. I have a feeling she will be walking really soon. She is eating much more solid foods now. Some of her favorites are green beans, toast with butter, and cheese. She still doesn't really like fruit, but I keep trying. Jacob still love love loves her, but has trouble at times sharing with her, which I know I should get used!

she plays this game that she crawls around the corner and wants me to chase her and cracks up when I come after her. She is so stinking cute!