Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bella's first day of preschool

My little girl went to school this week for the first time. She LOVED it. At the start of the school year I wasn't sure if she needed to be in preschool.. but as the year went on and she kept saying she wanted to go to school with Jacob, I knew it was time. I searched for a school that had an afternoon 2's program so she could go while I worked... luckily the learning place was fabulous and actually allowed her to join the early 3's class. She did great and didn't even cry for a moment when I was leaving. She couldn't wait to get inside and play. Gosh I love her.. and am so happy she had such a great day. Funny little story.. her teacher was so fabulous and took a bunch of pictures for me during her first day.. and at some point Bella turned to her and said "why do you keep doing that".. oh geez, my little spunky one. :) xxoo