Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy and More Busy! :)

Wow, life has been so busy since the start of the school year! Some days I feel like I am spinning in circles. Up early, off to school, back from school, play outside with Jacob, come back in, put the kids down for nap and rest time, get a few things done around the house, try to play with some pics, Jacob up... outside again (the kid could live outside, not looking forward to the cold), dinner, outside again, inside for bath, then bed. Whew... but man, it sure is fun!!! I am so so so blessed... thank you God for all the blessing you have given me! I do look forward to the weekend were we can take our mornings easy and stay in our PJ's till 10 if we want to.

Anway, this weekend we got our pictures taken by a friend of mine, Jorja, from one of my photography forums. Her website is if anyone wants to see the pictures online, let me know and I will send you the password. She did a beautiful job, I really don't know how I will ever choose. Hopefully one day I can be as good as her.. LOL! I am constantly trying to learn more and more about photography... sometimes it is frustrating because with school, kids and being a wife, mom, and teacher, it is often hard to find time to read and learn.... but it will all come in time! :)

Bella is getting over a cold (poor girl)! But she is still cute as ever. Hoping the cold will go away soon so I can get some rest at night. It has been really hard this week because I haven't been feeling great, plus being up a lot with Bella. Jacob is GREAT... he really thinks he is about 10! He love loves loves preschool! So glad I decided to send him this year!

Here are a few recent pics from this week.....

Jacob made this picture of him during his second week of preschool.. I was pretty impressed. I am thinking they helped him with the colors because his eyes are blue, hair yellow and he has a blue shirt on, just like he did the day of preschool... but even if they did that, his coloring is pretty good for 2 1/2!

Mom... don't take my picture!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jacob's first day of preschool!!!!

Jacob started preschool this week! I can't believe my little baby is in school! He has been so excited and really wanted to ride the bus to school. Didn't make sense to him that he was going to school, but not riding the bus. LOL! Anyway, I am so excited for him and am so looking forward to a great year. His teacher, Miss Kim is great. I actually had her daughter in class when she was in 4th grade, funny huh? I tried to document the day. Well, my photography stinks in a lot of these. I stink in full sun and the light was changing so much.. yes, not my best photography, but it was so fun to capture this very special day, so I don't care on bit! :)

Jacob getting ready for his big day! :)

right before getting into the car

So... excited to go to preschool.. just check out that smile!

I had FULL sun, which is really hard to photograph in, so I decided to play with the sunflare... I think it turned out kind of cool. Couldn't tell if I liked black and white or color better.

We stood outside looking in for a few minutes. He just wasn't quite sure what to think.

Elmo backpack hung-up... ready to meet the teacher and classmates.

All the students put their apple on an apple tree that had all their names on them.

He sees his teacher... I can tell by his face, he just isn't quite sure, but he ended up having a fabulous first day! He can't wait to go back next week!

This was the first preschool paper he brought home! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Jacob passed his egg challenge!

Yipppeee!!!! We are so excited! Daddy took him to the food challenge. They were there for 4 hours!!!! They brought cookies, brownies, french toast, pancakes... Then Jacob was allowed a few bites at a time. He kept eating it until he finished a couple of pieces of french toast. Of course he loved it and got mad when they told him he could only have 1 bite the first round (that would be hard for me as well - LOL!)

Anyway, I got a video of Jacob eating his first homemade cookie.. it was pretty cute. I have been trying to post it, but it is doing something funky, so I will work on it and post it later.

Next Friday we have our soy challenge. Hopefully he passes that too... not like we really have much soy, but regardless it will be nice to only have one food to avoid. Peanuts.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bella's first tooth cut through yesterday!!!!

Jacob was holding Bella here... she just adores her big brother.. I love it! He is pretty crazy about her as well!

He is getting so big.. he is such a good kid, I am so lucky!

We have woods in our backyard and I have not once in the 4 years I lived here noticed several of our trees have these berries on them.. guess I just need the curiosity and eyes of my 2 year old to find them!! He thought it was pretty cool.. but I had to make sure he knew they were not to eat!

I am into this new processing... I mostly use actions and then tweak a bit. I sure have a lot to learn on photoshop, but it is fun playing!

yep.. evidence, she is totally teething!!! Poor thing!

LOL.. this is actually an old one, but I had never posted it... yep, this is how she already feels about all the pictures I take of her -LOL!

It is still too small to get a picture of it, but I can totally feel a bit of it has peaked through! I am going to have to look in the babybook to see when Jacob got his first, but I feel like this is a bit early??? Hopefully that explains some of our terrible nights lately. ;) I can see a second one right there... oh man, not looking forward to the terrible nights these next few weeks with her teething. ETA- I peeked in Jacob's baby book and Jacob got his first tooth almost exactly when Bella got hers, within days of each other. Isn't that crazy!

Anyway, here are a few recent pics of my little lady and little man!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bella is 5 months old today!!!

I can not believe my baby is 5 months old! She continues to be such a wonderful addition to our family! She is so happy and so good. She is teething pretty bad right now, so that is causing her to be up a bit more at night, but I just try to tell myself, this will pass and soon all of her teeth will be in and I will so miss that toothless smile! LOL! She is sitting up by herself!!! It is so fun and she just loves it! We have to watch her pretty close, but really she can sit for quite some time without falling! Go Bella! God certainly has blessed me with such beautiful and wonderful kids and wonderful hubby! Poor Kevin has put up with a few grumpy mornings of mine after little sleep... love ya hun! :) (I still don't get how men can sleep through everything.... I could have Jacob up 3 times and Bella 3 times and he wouldn't hear a thing- LOL!)