Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bella's first tooth cut through yesterday!!!!

Jacob was holding Bella here... she just adores her big brother.. I love it! He is pretty crazy about her as well!

He is getting so big.. he is such a good kid, I am so lucky!

We have woods in our backyard and I have not once in the 4 years I lived here noticed several of our trees have these berries on them.. guess I just need the curiosity and eyes of my 2 year old to find them!! He thought it was pretty cool.. but I had to make sure he knew they were not to eat!

I am into this new processing... I mostly use actions and then tweak a bit. I sure have a lot to learn on photoshop, but it is fun playing!

yep.. evidence, she is totally teething!!! Poor thing!

LOL.. this is actually an old one, but I had never posted it... yep, this is how she already feels about all the pictures I take of her -LOL!

It is still too small to get a picture of it, but I can totally feel a bit of it has peaked through! I am going to have to look in the babybook to see when Jacob got his first, but I feel like this is a bit early??? Hopefully that explains some of our terrible nights lately. ;) I can see a second one right there... oh man, not looking forward to the terrible nights these next few weeks with her teething. ETA- I peeked in Jacob's baby book and Jacob got his first tooth almost exactly when Bella got hers, within days of each other. Isn't that crazy!

Anyway, here are a few recent pics of my little lady and little man!

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