Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our special Day

I love "special day's" with Jacob.. it leaves both of us feeling so wonderful! Today I took Jacob to Kings Island. Daddy was out of town and Bella spent the day with Nana. (and I missed her terribly, but she really just wouldn't do well at KI for 6 hours).. anyway.. we had a blast! We road many rides and also made it to the water park and played around. He was in heaven and told me about 4 times that "he loved me" and asked for a hug and kiss many times (he is such a sweet little loving kid). Days like this remind me that days like this create memories for my children.. memories I want them to have when they get older.. only 2 more weeks and it is summer vacation and I can't wait!!! There are so many things I want to do with them... go for a picnic at the park, go paddleboating, hiking, zoo, library storytime, I would also like to do some sort of service project with Jacob.. any ideas?... I could go on a field trip everyday with my kids! anyway.. here are a few pictures of Jacob after our day of fun.. he couldn't go to sleep so I just ended up taking some pictures .. lol! Can't you see the happiness in his smile.. love him!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bella's Baptism

please mom... no jacob, not until church starts. :)

I love how you can see Jacob and Kev in the background here.

isn't she just precious! I just love having a girl.

I have been such a bad family blogger lately.. looking forward to the summer when I have more time to keep this updated!

Well, Miss Bella got baptized Mother's Day weekend. We went up to Akron to have Jay Groat a very special part of our family baptize Bella. He also baptized Jacob and married Kevin and I. We sure wish we lived closer so we could listen to him speak everyday. He always does a beautiful job. Here are a few pictures of the day.. unfortunately I didn't get too many picutures during the service because I was up with her.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

It was a great April.. happy May 1st!

I have been so bad lately about updating our family blog. We have had a fabulous April.. we are all so happy it is starting to get nice out! :) Although, we aren't really liking all of the rain. Anyway, mom and dad are looking forward to the summer where we all can hang out as a family. Jacob is adorable as ever and still just adores his sister.. but at times certainly has some jealousy when I am holding Bella and not him, but for the most part he loves being a big brother. Bella continues to follow Jacob around and wants to do everything he does. Their newest thing is jumping on the cushions of the couch in our office room.. lol.. I don't care because it is an old couch and I just love watching them... here they are

I really have been taking pictures of them like crazy.. just not posting.. Here are a few of my favs of my little man...

and of course, here are some of my little lady....