Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Special Time"

Yesterday we had some Jacob and Mommy "special time".. I took him down to Lebanon and we got some ice cream at this cute little ice cream parlor and then we walked down to the railroad tracks to see the train. Jacob loved the train but was a bit upset he couldn't ride it. I think we are going to have to take him back when Thomas comes into town next. Of course I had to take a few pictures - LOL! Poor Jacob!

Ok, Jacob... smile!!!! .....

ok, mom... are we almost done?

This part was his favorite... he loved the big red train! ....

Monday, January 18, 2010

A few from this past week....

I am doing a project.. it is 365 day project. I am trying to take a picture everyday for a year... hmmm.. hopefully I can make it. Anyway.. I actually am really enjoying the project because I am getting to document our everyday lives. it is really fun!!! Here are a few from this week..

We had fun finger painting this week.. it didn't start off as finger painting, but Jacob decided he wanted to fingerpaint. ;)

It actually hit the 40's this week... so we got outside a bit... here is sweet little Bella....

We played with insta-snow this week.. it is soo... fun and the kids loved it... but sooo..... messy!!!

My nephew Logan

Monday, January 11, 2010

Potty time!

Ok... well, Jacob potty trained really early for a boy... a little after he turned 2. He is too little to stand up and pee in the potty, so he does this.. it just cracks me up!! I am so glad I got this picture.. I have been wanting to for a whie.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little Bella....

Little Bella just wants to be soo... big! She always wants to keep up with her brother... she is going to be the happiest little girl when she can walk and run around with Jacob. I think I may be in trouble, however. :)

We had a great day little Miss Bella and I. It was kind of a girls day. Jacob and Daddy went to the movies and then napped for 3 hours in front of the TV watching sports. It was fun because we took our morning bath together (something Jacob and I did a lot when he was a baby), went grocery shopping together, played together, danced together and made dinner together. I think she enjoyed the extra attention. I always feel bad because she doesn't get the attention Jacob did :( Poor girl... but I am pretty sure, she still knows how much I love her!!!

Box play!

Yep.. this week I have been able to take a lot of pictures due to the snow days.. I was loving it!!! I ordered some pictures (of course) for a friends birthday present and it came in a big box. I remember as a kid loving to play in boxes and decorate them and all... yep.. so did Jacob! He played in this thing for days. He decorated it, colored on it, played in it. I love seeing my little man be creative like this. Really, he likes doing this kind of stuff a lot more than playing with his toys!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Poor Bella... got some shots!... plus stats update

Bella had her 9 month check up this week and the poor thing had to get some shots.. I hate when she gets shots, they get so sad. Before going to the doctors I was already thinking she was pretty tiny.. she just seems so petite to me. Well, I was correct. She was 17lbs 11oz (20%) and 28 inches (60%). I am not really worried about the big jump down.. I think she just started off so big, she is headed to were she is going to be. She is so stinkin cute.. love that girl!

SNOW!!!... we love it at our house!

What a wonderful way to head back to school.. with 1 snow day and 2 delays! See, at our house, snow days make for great parties! We love it because we are all home together hanging out in our pj's all morning, drinking hot chocolate, playing in the snow, and being lazy!!! I wish we could do that together everyday!

Jacob and Daddy went outside and played. I did sneak out for a bit for some pictures, but wasn't out long so I could stay inside with Bella, it was way too cold for her! Next year will be so fun when we can get them both out!!!

Here are some fun snowy day pictures!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Jacob has a great friend that lives a few houses down from us. Jacob always wants her to come over and play. They play so well together and always have so much fun. Today Isabelle came over for a bit and they decided they wanted to play in Bella's crib.. lol (and I let them??) I can't believe it, but they let me grab a picture of the two of them... I just had to post this because I think Jacob and Isabelle are so cute and such great friends!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Playing in the snow!

Jacob's new "cars" boots.. he was so excited! He was filling his bucket up with snow.. he was having a blast!

He didn't think his little shovel was big enough - LOL!... this is his beach shovel, but it worked for him!

Today Jacob and I snuck outside while Bella was sleeping to play a bit before it melted. Jacob LOVES the snow. I hope we get a few good snows this year because he will love it! We even bought him snow pants and boots this year! I grabbed a few pictures of him while we were outside. Not to many pictures though.. we didn't last too long, it was cold!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 9 month Birthday Bella!!! (and happy New Year!)

I can't believe it!! Bella is 9 months old. Pause Pause Pause.. PLEASE. This is going way too fast! Bella is such a cutie and we love her to pieces! She is really starting to show her personality! She continues to be such a great little girl. However, I do have to say.. she has her moments. She certainly knows what she wants.. if you take something from her.. she arches her back and screams.. I think I may be in trouble when she is a toddler. She is now crawling all over and is constantly pulling herself up on things. She wants to stand all the time. I will help her balance herself and let go and she just giggles.. she is so proud of herself and she loves it! She really wants to walk, but really isn't there yet. I just started giving her some table foods.. she LOVES puffs and she has also had shredded cheese, cooked carrots, yogurt, and apple sause. I will be adding more over the next week.. I was so nervous of her chocking at first, but she is doing just fine with it. Her favorite baby food continues to be sweet pototoes and yogurt. She seems to like her veggies better than her fruits! She makes the really squishy face tart face when she eats fruit.. we all crack up!

Anyway.. here are some picturer of her at 9 months. I really had fun being home and having more time to take a lot of pictures of her.. LOVE HER!

I am going to start doing this now for each month till she is 1.. and then each year after that. I am also going to try to go back through and write what she was doing at each month on a picture.. it will be fun to look back on.

love her sweet little smile!

I really love this picturers.. mostly because I don't get many pics that Kevin is willing to play.. I may have to print this big!

love when she sits like this and plays.. especially in her little baby jeans!

... love her!

Ahhh.. I just love her teany tiny fingers

who doesn't love a little baby chub?!?!

This is Bella's Bunny.. she loves loves loves it! She sleeps with it at night and is constantly chewing on the poor things arms, legs, and ears. She got another one from Santa "just in case"