Sunday, January 23, 2011

What a great weekend!!!!

Snow days.. 2 in a row.. and then the weekend! That meant 4 days at home with my family! Oh.. it was so much fun. I really could do this everyday. The first day Kevin and I were crazy productive during nap time and cleaned out our closet.. we took 5 bags to goodwill!!! Yes.. we needed to clean out our closet so badly! And of course.. we played and played with the kids and had so much fun. Bella got to go outside for the first time in the snow.. she wasn't entirely sure about it, but it was fun. and luckily we got outside before it dropped to -8 degrees (brrr... ) we were outside when it was still 30. So yes, a great weekend.. not sure how I am going to survive a 5 day week. I just continue to be thanksful for job sharing. Here are some pics..

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