Friday, January 14, 2011

I love being a mommy! :) ... especially to my sweet little lady!

This blog post is dedicated to my Bella. Seeing I have been dreadfully terrible about posting to the blog, she is in much need of an update. I don't even know where to start... to me, she is just perfect.. those gorgeous big brown eyes.. adorable smile... and sweet yet firecracker personality! She is riot and has me laughing everyday. She is sneaky.. and I am certainly going to need to keep an eye on her over the years (wink wink) .. For Christmas she got a few babydolls and is constantly playing with them. She will feed them, put them to bed, hold and hug them.. it is so cute!! She is smart!! She is already peeing and pooping on the potty.. I really should start potty training her, but that would mean I would be admitting that she is no longer a baby and I am not ready for that yet. Maybe in the spring.. She isn't much into eating these days.. her favorite foods are chicken nuggets, pizzq, cheese and yogurt. There are many days she goes to be without eating a thing for dinner. That girl.. i need to get on her plan. She is tiny.. but oh so cute. She is exactly how she is suppose to be. She loves her brother and wants to do everything.. I mean everything he does!! It is so stinkin cute (most of the time). She loves cuddling her mom and dad.. and we certainly love it to. She is actually a good napper I can' t believe it.. I have a good sleeper!!! :) She will take 3 hour naps, which make me happy, because she naps while I am working, so I don't feel like I am missing all that much. All and all, she is just perfect.. and I really can't believe is growing into a toddler. Miss Bella.. I sure do love you!! :)

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