Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new year...

I really just can't believe it is 2011. Why are the days going so fast.. just way way way too fast. As 2010 ended I realized I need to slow my life down.. teaching, photography, keeping up with the house while playing mommy to my favorite people in the world. I have made lots of new years resolutions that I really hope to keep for 2011.. so I am going to write them down here so you all can hold me accountable.

So here they are....
!-Update my family blog at least 3 times a month!!! That is where I would like to start, but really hope I do more than that!
2- create healthier eating habbits for my family.. now I have to say we aren't the worst.. but we certainly have room for improvement. I don't mind the occasional "kid food" but I really hope to get my kids to eat more than chicken nuggets and pizza (cough cough.. Bella)
3. start saving more.. Kevin and I are pretty good with our money, but we need to start saving more.
4. create our 2011 yearbook as 2011 passes us.. at the end of each month I would like to create the pages for it, not all in December.. lol
5.Get more involved in church.. this has been something we have been trying to do for a good year.. we keep hoping around trying different churches i hope to find one that feel right to us, we need to make this a priority as this is something that is so important to me.
and some things I want to do with my kids this year...
have a pajama party with them in sleeping bags on the floor... pull out my seamless paper and finger paint ... stay up late at night and catch lightening bugs... burry each other in the sand on the beach this summer and not worry about sand up the butt (wink wink)... do a service project with my kids, , slip and slide this summer outside with my kids, go sledding with my kids (even if it is freezing)... gosh I am sure I could list more.. I just want to continue creating wonderful memories with my children and be the best mommy I can be! :)

Now on to the important stuff...
we had a snow day.. so at our house that means EVERYONE is home.! We live for these days and always have a blast.. so we decided to have a pajama day. I wish I got some pics of Bella.. but totally didn't take out my camera till nap time.. I got some fun ones of my little guy!

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