Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bella is 3 months old!

Our sweet little girl is 3 months old! She continues to be super sweet and a wonderful baby! She has even slept 9 hours a few nights, but most nights it is about 6 hours. Most of the time she is really happy. The only times she really isn't too happy is in the car or when she is tired. Believe it or not we are on a pretty good schedule already. She naps very well in the afternoon and I can usually get both her and Jacob down at the same time, which is wonderful because that is when I usually get my run in. She love love loves her brother and he really love her, it just melts my heart to watch! She cracks us up... when we aren't paying enough attention to her, she will do this fake cough... just makes me laugh. She is super tickelish, i will tickle her and she will just giggle... it is super cute! Bella is also quite the talker! She gabbles nonstop, especially when you are talking to her. I am hoping to post some 3 month pictures in the next few days (after I take some- LOL). I just got a new lens for my camera for an early birthday present and it has been so fun to use!!!

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