Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The "Binkie Fairy" is coming to our house!

I knew we wanted to give up the binkie before Jacob turned 3, but today came the perfect opportunity, so I went with it.. and I am hoping it works.  Today Jacob and I were reading a book before naptime about a little girl who got rid of her binkie... well, I added my own twist to the story and said that she got rid of her binking and put it in the mailbox for the binkie fairy to give to little babbies that needed it.  I said that the little girl didn't like her binkie anymore because they had holes in them (Jacob chewed holes in all of his binkies).  I said the binkie fairy leaves a gift for the binkies...... well, before bedtime tonight we took the binkies out to the mailbox and he feel asleep without them... hopefully he doesn't wake up sad.  Here are some pics from the memorable event!  

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