Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chris and Jana Visit

We had a great weekend with Chris and Jana.  Jacob just loves his aunt and uncle.  It was so fun to watch them hang out together.  Some of Jacob's favorites was dancing on the front porch with Jana and playing baseball with uncle Chris.  He also enjoyed being able to stay up late both nights.  I sure can't wait till Chris and Jana have kids, they are going to be the best parents ever.  Thanks Chris and Jana for giving me a break and running around with him all weekend... hope you aren't too tired!?!?!?  

Bella is now 8 weeks old... crazy! It sure if flying. Tomorrow she will be 2 months old.  I sure can't believe it.  

Tomorrow I am going to the chiropractor and doctor... ughh! I am so annoyed, but ever since I started running I have had this terrible pain in my butt/back/hip area. I tried to run through it for a week and it just killed... so then I decided to give it a break and swim and it still hurts.  I think it is my sciotic (sp?) muscle.  So, I am praying someone can help me tomorrow......  I want so bad to be back to my normal running around high energy self.... it is just killing me!  

This is Kevin's last week of school... YIPEEE!!!!  We are all so excited for a wonderful summer together!  Not many families get to have 3 months of fun together as a family !!!  These last 4 months with all the changes and happenings in our family, it has certainly put a lot of things in perspective.  I have certainly realized how important family time is.... things got a little crazy this year and we forgot that for a while, but I am so glad we remembered what was truly important to us.  

I am sure I will be back on in a few days to post 2 month pics of Bella!!!  Have a great week everyone!


Meagan Caton said...

Very beautiful pictures. So glad you all will get the summer off together. That would be lots of fun. I enjoy being off during the summer.

Oh and I like the new background too!

Shannon Kilstrom Photography said...

I'm so happy to hear that you're looking forward to a fun summer together! Your pictures are beautiful as always!