Monday, May 11, 2009

Bella is 5 weeks (well, almost 6)

She will be 6 weeks on Wednesday!  Boy how time flies.  We continue to have fun with her (of course)... she is a pretty good baby. We have learned she LOVES the swing and we actually love it as well because it helps her sleep at night when she is really fussy (she is usually fussy at night).   She is starting to smile and we just love when we see her do that!  Jacob is doing much better with her. He says he loves her and feels sad when she is crying and says "Baby Bella is crying mommy!"  I think it is funny, that he doesn't just say Bella, he says Baby Bella.  

Today, Jacob decided he wanted to play in Bella's crib (his old crib)... kind of funny and kind of sad remembering how he used to be in that crib and now he is so big!!!  He is just the sweetest!  Here are some pics from his play time in the crib.  

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jennifer lynn said...

i love your photography.. you are great... but it does help that you have some cutie pies as models.