Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

We had a very busy, but fun weekend!  We celebrated Kevin's 30th birthday ALL WEEKEND long!  Well, Kevin celebrated all weekend, I took part in as much as I could while still taking care of the kiddos!  We went to the Reds- Indians game on Saturday night, which was fun... we also had a cook out at Kyle and Sarah's on Sunday. Jacob had a blast playing on the slip and slide and eating all kinds of junk food.  It was a nice long weekend.  Now we are just looking forward to having Kevin home the entire summer!!!  Only about 6 days. yipee!  It is so nice having a family of teachers!  We will always have a lot of family time, which make everyone happy!  

Bella and Jacob are doing great, we continue to feel so blessed and thank God for all he has given us!   I am trying to get Bella to start falling asleep herself at night in her crib, but it isn't quite working.  I rock her until she is really sleepy and lay her in bed and tap her butt, but she isn't totally into it yet. I am going to keep trying each night for about a half an hour, eventually it is bound to work. Until then I will put her in her swing to put her asleep... she loves the swing and it puts her to sleep really well.  I can't believe she is going to be 8 weeks old on Wednesday! Time is flying by!   She is so sweet and so fun!  

Big news with Jacob... he is potty trained!  YIPEEE!!!!  Now I don't have to have 2 in diapers! Well, he does wear diapers at night and naps.  He really did great with it, it only took a week.  He will now even go without telling us.  He is so proud of himself!  He is loving the summer time! Today we went to the Y and looked at the outside pool to see if we wanted to join for the summer and he cried when we left because he wanted to swim so bad.  We are outside 80% of the day and by the end of the day he is pooped (so is mom!).  He is at such a fun age.. I wish I could hold him 2 forever.  But it is funny, I have found that I love every age, but I really do especially like 2 1/2!  

I am working hard into getting back into shape... ughh, it sure isn't fun when nothing fits! luckily I love to work out and am so glad to be doing that again, I just don't have any patience. Why can't I be one of those people who are back into their clothes after 6 weeks... NO FAIR!

That's all for now! Have a great week everyone! 

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