Monday, April 20, 2009

Daddy went back to work today!

WOW!  We were spoiled having Daddy home the last 3 weeks.  It was surely was a bit crazy of a morning with the kids and I, but we figured it out.  Can't wait for it to be nice out so we can get outside and play instead of being stuck in the house.  Poor Jacob, still is adjusting to life with a sister.  A lot of meltdowns over very little things that would have never bothered him before.  He has also told me his teeth are hurting, so I will blame part of it on his molars coming in.  

Bella is growing fast and is really a great baby.  Now that we have figured out what upsets her and what makes her happy and how to help prevent her tummy issues, life has been much easier the last couple of days (I should knock on wood).  She has even slept for 5 1/2 hours without getting up to nurse a few times, but then of course the next night will want to get up every 3, but hey, I am not complaining, she is only 3 weeks old (well, 3 weeks on Wednesday).  We continue to feel totally blessed to have such a healthy happy little girl and of course we so lucky for our little man, Jacob!  

More pictures of course... my mom thinks all my pictures make Bella look way too big. Still trying to figure out how to not make that happen... but still love taking pics of my little lady.  And the truth be told, she is a big girl!!!  LOL!

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