Sunday, April 24, 2011


I love long weekends.. I love any extra time I can get with my family... I love my husband... I love my kids... I love my family! The kids had such a fun day. I really just adore every bit of my kids ages right now. They both understand what is going on.. Jacob really really understands. Jacob, I just love that he not only understands that no Easter morning he is going to get something from theEaster Bunny.. but that Easter is all about Jesus. On the way home from church Jacob said.. "mommy.. when is was dark out, Jesus died, but when it got light out he came alive again." Pretty powerful coming from a little boy who is not quite 4 1/2. Then later on, when we were on our way home from my parent's house.. Jacob said "mommy, I just said my prayers".. I said, well, that is wonderful Jacob, let me hear.. He continued by saying his prayers thanking God for the visit to his grandparents house, for his mom and dad and sister Bella and for the Easter Bunny. Then he continued by saying. ok mom.. your turn. So I started to say something outloud and he said.. no mom.. fold your hands .. lol. Well.. I then explained that since I was driving that may be a little hard. He said ok.. you don't have to, but close your eyes. I said.. well, Jacob, I may run the car off the road if I do that. He giggled and said.... oooookkkkkk.. you don't have to. How can I not just love that little boy so much for his sweet heart.

Bella.. oh, she was in Heaven. This her first Easter really having any idea of what is going one. She just loved eating Candy.. pretty much all day long. She is my junk food addict. But really she was in such a fabulous mood.. running all over nana's house, playing with Uncle Jeff, and giving me hugs. She is becoming more and more cuddely.. and I love it so much.

Here are a few pictures from our wonderful day.

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