Sunday, October 23, 2011

I can't believe it is October...

Gosh, it has been a while. Life has certainly been keeping us busy. The kids are growing up so fast and as I sit here outside of Bella's door listening to her singing twinkle twinkle little star I really can't believe how fast the days are going. My kids are so so so much fun right now. Now, not say we don't have the occasional melt down or that Jacob and Bella get along perfectly, but quite honestly, what fun would that be if everything was so perfect. Bella.. gosh I just adore her. She is so full of spunk.. she is beautiful. With her blond hair and great big brown eyes and her daddy's tan skin. She is so sweet. She just loves to be held and has followed her brother's footsteps and sneaks into bed with Kevin and I pretty much every night. Jacob is loving preschool and always wants to make sure he is doing the right thing. What a pleaser he is. He can't wait to turn 5 and to go to Kindergarten next year. His best friend is our neighbor Isabelle.. they would play together all day everyday if they could. He learned how to ride his bike without training wheels this summer which he was so so so proud of, as he should be. He loves being outside and I am pretty much dreading the next few weeks as I know it is going to start being too cold to go outside. However, once the snow comes he will be outside non-stop. I just love how my children have filled my life with so many smiles.. they are the best! luv them!!!

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