Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Beautiful Bella

My Dearest Bella,
Happy Birthday my dearest Bella. Two years ago today you entered into my life and changed it forever. You are perfect in every way.. your adorable grin that is so big and full of emotion, your sweet baby curls that hang from your sandy blond hair, your big brown eyes that are framed by your gorgeous long lashes, and your walk that is full of confidence and spunk. You have really started to show your personality and you have your dad and I in hysterics daily. You have such a spunky side to you and sometimes even sassy. However, you also have the most sensitive and cuddley side that we love as well.

Mommy can not believe that you are already two years old. This year has been full of so much fun. You took your first tumbelbees class, which you love. Next week we get to start the 2 year old class! You love your brother.. you especially love to boss your brother around as well as copy his every move. You love playing outside. You LOVE your baths.. just love them! Especially when we make it a bubble bath. You love to run around naked. You love reading your books before bed. Your favorite toys by far are all your baby dolls. You play with them non-stop during the day and they are all called "baby". You still love your bunny and must have that every night and naptime to go to sleep. You love your daddy and I can tell you are going to be quite the daddy's girl as you both adore each other. You love coming into bed with mom and dad at night, but not to sleep.. just to play and kick around (eventually we have to take you back to your room because you won't sleep). You love to jump around.. or I guess I can call it a gallop. You seriously are just so fun and full of spunk!

I love every single bit of you.. I love your happy side, your silly side your spunky side and your sassy side. As I tell you every night.. I am so.. proud of you, I love playing with you, you are such a good girl, and I love you sooo .. much! I am so excited for what our world together has in store for us. Thank you so much for all the happiness you have filled my heart with.

I love you Bella,
Mommy :)

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