Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Jacob!

Dear Jacob,
As I sit here writing this I just really can't believe my baby is turning 3 years old today. Crazy that three years ago I was finally given a gift I had been dreaming about for more years than I would care to admit. Those who know me, know that all I have ever wanted to do was be a mom. The joy that you have brought me over these past three years could never be put to words.

This past year you have really become a "big" boy. I can not really pinpoint when it happened, but it sure did. Maybe it was when you became potty trained or when you decided you no longer wanted anyone to help you get dressed, maybe it was the day you became a big brother to your sweet baby sister Bella, maybe it was when you gave your Binkie to the Binkie fairy or maybe it was the first day of preschool. So many events, so many blessings, and so many things telling me you are growing up. You too think you are such a big boy. You will often say "Mommy, Bella can't eat that or do that because she is a baby, but I am a big boy, I can do that Mommy, right?" You love that you are bigger than your sister and that there are things you can do that your sister can not do. However, you also take such great care of your sister. She by far is your biggest fan and you love her just as much. I can tell you two are going to grow up being very close. You already act like a mom to her by bringing her her bunny when she is sad or bringing her a toy if you think she wants one. I love watching you two together.

It is amazing how much you look like your daddy. People are constantly tell me that. However, you surely have a personality all your own. You are sweet and sensitive, yet at the same time very particular and curious and very inquisitive. Not to mention, you have endless energy. You really are a great mix of your mom and dad. The things you say and the things you do totally make us laugh. Today at preschool you went Christmas shopping, you were so excited to come home and tell us what you got us for Christmas. Even though I told you, it is surprise and you shouldn't tell us... you couldn't wait. You were especially excited to tell dad you got him a screwdriver! You also got mom a candle and baby Bella a new toy. As well, today your mom was not feeling well. She had a terrible soar throat. Today I asked you if you could be good and watch a movie because mom wasn't feeling well. You asked "Mommy does your belly hurt? Did you eat too many cookies".. LOL! You were thinking back to the time you got sick and mom and dad told you it was because you ate too many cookies.

You have certainly come a long way from the screaming fits we used to have with you as a baby. I was really hoping all my long nights of holding you, snuggling you, and talking to you would pay off... and it sure has. You have grown into a wonderful, sweet, joyous toddler. You still have your moments where we see those lungs take charge, but honestly, it doesn't occur very often. You are certainly a pleaser and do not want mom and dad to be mad at you. Your mom tries as much as she can to tell you how proud I am of you and I can really tell how much that means to you. If you do something that you feel is great you will run up to mommy and say "Mommy, are you proud of me!"... and of course I say "I am so proud of you Jacob, you are such a big boy!". If I ever yell, which honestly doesn't happen too often, you get so scared... you cry and run to your me and hold me. You hate it when mommy is mad, it reminds me of myself when I was a kid.

You still love to cuddle with your mom... there are still some nights you will climb into bed with me and cuddle. I adore those moments and miss the days you were in our bed every night (LOL- which ended a short 6 months ago) and look forward to Fridays and the weekends when we can cuddle and snuggle in bed together or our quiet time together in front of the TV were you cuddle with me. You still love to play with my hair as well as your hair when you are tired. You have become very particular about what you wear and especially love your warm up pants.. which make me laugh. You constantly want to wear them and get upset if it is a preschool day and I say you can't. You love tools and pretending to fix things.. you love to run "just like mom and dad" and will go outside and say "Mommy, I have to go run" and will run around our street a few times.

You desire to be independent has been in charge since you turned about 2. You want to do everything by yourself and you are pretty successful and doing a lot of things yourself. You brush your teeth yourself, get dressed yourself, put your clothes in the dirty laundry yourself, put your toys away, get yourself a snack.... I could go on and on. You love being able to do things yourself.

You love preschool, you love reading books, you love painting, you love your cousin Logan, you love your family you love your friends, your left ear still turns red when you are tired (a trait from dad).... and even though you are growing up so fast there are many moments you will run into my arms and still want me to hold you like I did when you were a baby... You will turn towards me and look at me with those great big goreous blue eyes and say "Mommmy, I love you so much!"... what more can a mom ask for. I love you too sweet Jacob. Although you will never be 2 again and you will most likely forget most of these moments.. know that I will never forget my sweet baby at 2 and what a big boy he has become.

So here we are the same day three years ago...God certainly knew what he was doing we he sent you to me. We love you Jacob.. Happy Birthday!


I will be back to update with pictures from Jacob's party this weekend.. for his birthday favor's we are doing a mix of his favorite songs.. here is the cover I designed.

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