Monday, April 13, 2009

Bella is 2 weeks old!

Baby Bella is 2 weeks old.  We continue to love love love her!  Her little brother is loving her more and more as well. He has even asked to hold her a few times as well.  He covers her with a blanket, tries to give her, her binkie, and will get a diaper for his mom or dad so they can change her.  He certainly has his time of jealousy as well, but he is doing great!  Bella had decided that she doesn't want to take a binkie.. ughh! Sure hope that changes.  Nights have been off and on, but all in all things are going as you would expect life with a newborn would go.  

Today we went to Lifetime Fitness and played in the pool.... unfortunately, I couldn't swim, but Bella and I enjoyed watching Daddy and big brother play in the water.  I can't believe how big my little man is getting.  He is at such a fun age!!!    Here are a few pictures of my other baby... Jacob!  

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