Saturday, March 26, 2011

March.. what a great month!

March.. we welcome you with open arms. Daddy is now home after school everyday! We couldn't be happier. The weather has teased us a bit, but at least we have had wonderfully warm days (and some down right cold ones as well). Jacob ran his very first race, which was so much fun to watch. He was so proud and we were so proud of him! Bella, she is so full of personality and is really beginning to talk more and more. I think she likes it so she can boss everyone around. (wink wink). Both kids just adore coloring. Jacob is really into making books and is starting to ask me how to spell words. I can't believe how big he is getting. But gosh.. I am so proud of the great kid he has become. On days when I feel a little bit down as a mommy, I look at my kids and thing, gosh, I had to do something right, they are such great kids! God is good.. I couldn't ask for much more. Here are some pics.. these really just warm my heart!

ok.. well.. these uploaded in such random order, but you get the point.. lol!

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