Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our special Day

I love "special day's" with Jacob.. it leaves both of us feeling so wonderful! Today I took Jacob to Kings Island. Daddy was out of town and Bella spent the day with Nana. (and I missed her terribly, but she really just wouldn't do well at KI for 6 hours).. anyway.. we had a blast! We road many rides and also made it to the water park and played around. He was in heaven and told me about 4 times that "he loved me" and asked for a hug and kiss many times (he is such a sweet little loving kid). Days like this remind me that days like this create memories for my children.. memories I want them to have when they get older.. only 2 more weeks and it is summer vacation and I can't wait!!! There are so many things I want to do with them... go for a picnic at the park, go paddleboating, hiking, zoo, library storytime, I would also like to do some sort of service project with Jacob.. any ideas?... I could go on a field trip everyday with my kids! anyway.. here are a few pictures of Jacob after our day of fun.. he couldn't go to sleep so I just ended up taking some pictures .. lol! Can't you see the happiness in his smile.. love him!

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