Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 9 month Birthday Bella!!! (and happy New Year!)

I can't believe it!! Bella is 9 months old. Pause Pause Pause.. PLEASE. This is going way too fast! Bella is such a cutie and we love her to pieces! She is really starting to show her personality! She continues to be such a great little girl. However, I do have to say.. she has her moments. She certainly knows what she wants.. if you take something from her.. she arches her back and screams.. I think I may be in trouble when she is a toddler. She is now crawling all over and is constantly pulling herself up on things. She wants to stand all the time. I will help her balance herself and let go and she just giggles.. she is so proud of herself and she loves it! She really wants to walk, but really isn't there yet. I just started giving her some table foods.. she LOVES puffs and she has also had shredded cheese, cooked carrots, yogurt, and apple sause. I will be adding more over the next week.. I was so nervous of her chocking at first, but she is doing just fine with it. Her favorite baby food continues to be sweet pototoes and yogurt. She seems to like her veggies better than her fruits! She makes the really squishy face tart face when she eats fruit.. we all crack up!

Anyway.. here are some picturer of her at 9 months. I really had fun being home and having more time to take a lot of pictures of her.. LOVE HER!

I am going to start doing this now for each month till she is 1.. and then each year after that. I am also going to try to go back through and write what she was doing at each month on a picture.. it will be fun to look back on.

love her sweet little smile!

I really love this picturers.. mostly because I don't get many pics that Kevin is willing to play.. I may have to print this big!

love when she sits like this and plays.. especially in her little baby jeans!

... love her!

Ahhh.. I just love her teany tiny fingers

who doesn't love a little baby chub?!?!

This is Bella's Bunny.. she loves loves loves it! She sleeps with it at night and is constantly chewing on the poor things arms, legs, and ears. She got another one from Santa "just in case"

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