Sunday, November 30, 2008

I can't believe November has come to an end... it sure has gone fast!  Jacob's birthday is in a week and he will be 2 years old!!!  Oh my goodness... my little boy is growing up!  Next weekend we are having our families over and a few close friends to celebrate his big day!  We are doing a train theme... well, train plates, napkins, and favors... oh and how can I forget "cho cho cookies!"... Jacob is very excited about those.  I made them to try them out for Thanksgiving and he loved them! It isn't very often Jacob gets real cookies.  I got a special "egg free" recipe.  

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we had a great great weekend!  We went to my sister's for dinner.  My brother as in town from NYC, which was so wonderful seeing him.  I will have to post some pics once I get them uploaded.  I got some shopping done, Kevin was a bit busy with swimming, but all in all we were able to relax and enjoy the holiday.  Now just 3 more weeks and it is Christmas break!!!!  We get 2 weeks off for Christmas.. that will be great!

On another note, we decided on our girl name for our baby... Isabella Grace.  We will call her Bella.  Now we have to decide on a boy name... either Brayden, Cayden, or Connor.  Well, as of right now those are the 3 we have narrowed it down to.  We are having a hard time.  Not one of them is screaming at me...  with Jacob we knew for a long time that was the name we liked.  hmmm.... I guess we will eventally figure it out.  Anyone have any input on what they like best????

Alright, I sure hope you all had a great weekend and holiday.  

Much love,
Melissa :) 


Kelley said...

so good to see you blog! glad things are going well! Love the new pics! :-) he is soooo darn cute! what kind of camera do you have? have a great day!

Melissa, Kevin, and Jacob said...

hey kelley...
I have a cannon rebel xti.. love it! Still have a lot to learn, but it is fun... I love my new macbook pro just as much and I have CS4 now!!!!

Hopefully we will see you soon... I just sent you a christmas card today!