Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jacob - 16 months and more fun than ever!

Our little man is 16 months and we can't believe it! He is growing up so quickly! Although sometimes I wish I could freeze time and keep him a baby forever... each new day brings so many great new memories and stories to hold onto. Kevin and I just love being parents more than we ever could have imagined. We certainly feel blessed each and every day!

Jacob leaves us laughing every single day! He has such a sweet, sweet, sweet personality! He is always happy (well almost always) and loves to cuddle and be with his family! He reminds me a lot of Kevin! He is very sensitive and laid back, but very happy and loves his family!

Jacob is starting to talk more and more. It is getting easier to understand what he is saying. However, a lot of the time, it still sounds like he is talking German. It is hysterically to listen to! We have taught him sign language which he has been doing for a while. His favorite words to say are "please", "more" and "eat". Right now his favorite things to do are play outside in his sand box, push his play lawnmower around on the deck or open and shut the screen door going out back and laugh at his mom and dad on the other side of the door. We are so excited it is finally getting nice outside! It just makes us all so much happier to be able to get outside and see the sun shinning!

Well, I have many pictures I need to download on my computer, so hopefully this week, I will post some updated pictures of Jacob!


Matthew said...

Meliss, you better keep him away from the frig - the kid is allergic to everything! Jp. Cute picture - can't wait to see the little guy again(and you and kevin too).

Debbie said...

Oh my gosh, Jacob is just too cute....this is a great idea..keep the pics coming for all of us so far away...hugs to everyone, especially jacob:)

Grandma Debbie:)