Thursday, March 15, 2012

My silly girl...

So as hard as it is for me to believe.. Bella will be 3 in less than a month. I really find this incredibly hard. I am just not ready for her to be a big girl. These last few weeks I have found myself looking at this spunky, beautiful, fearless, and often even sassy little thing and just can't even imagine life without her in my life. She is just so full of spunk and so full of life.. I wouldn't change any bit of her. These last few nights she has not been wanting to go to sleep.. and so we set up on the couch in my room.. all the lights off.. I watching tv as she falls asleep in my lap. And while I can't lie.. there are nights that I wish she would just go to bed for goodness sakes. I have to stop and remind myself that these are the moments that I will wish for. So I began to work on some birthday images.. she really wasn't wanting much to do with it. However.. these images make me smile. Isn't she a hoot? And oh so gorgeous!

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