Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Baby Girl is one!

My Dear Baby Girl,
Well, can you believe it.. here we are one year later. One year ago we opened our hearts to our precious little girl. Never did I think I would be blessed with a little girl. I thought for sure I was going to live in a house of all boys.. well, you surely surprised us. And we couldn't have been happier. You have blessed our family more than I could ever explain to you in words. You bring a spunk to our family that we are totally in love with. You make our family happier with your giggles, smiles, and yes even your pouts. You certainly have your own little personality that we have fallen in love with... the way you follow your brother around wherever he goes and tries to do all he does, the way you giggle and get so excited everytime your dad comes home from work, the way you throw your head back and kick your feet on the floor when something doesn't go your way, the way you give your mom, dad and Jacob head butts as a way to tell use us you love us, just as your brother did as a baby. Everything you do..everything you say.. every look you give.. we love everything about you!

This year has been so exciting... we have watching you go from barely holding your head up, to sitting up, to crawling, to cruising, and now your walking! Amazing how much a little one like you can grow in one year. You have gone from being off the charts at birth weighing a crazy 10lbs 8oz and 22 3/4inches long to being such a petite little girl. You haven't even doubled your birth weight and only weight 18lbs 9 oz and just 29 inches long. You surely don't eat much.. you are way too busy running around after your brother and playing with your toys!

You love being outside, especially now that you can walk. You love pushing your walking toy outside (and inside). You love pushing around Jacob's cars like you are driving them.. it totally cracks me up! You love to feed yourself.. even if it means more of it goes on you than in your mouth. You love cookies, cheese and crackers and some days that is all I can get you to eat. You love your daddy and often say his name.. even when he isn't around. You love your "bunny" and chewing on his arms.

Baby girl.. I love you and everything about you. .. one year later... life couldn't be much better. I thank God everyday for sending you to me.. and all the blessings our family has been given. I look forward to all the wonderful moments we will have together in the days and years to come....

Love you baby girl...

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