Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bella is 11 months old!

OMG... seriously, this year is going way way way too fast. Sweet little Bella is almost 1 year old. (wipe away tear) I continue to just adore every little bit of her. She amazes me everyday and continues to make all of us smile. She has quite the personality and a bit fiesty (not sure who she gets that from ;) ) She is almost walking... and I am sure she could, but gets around faster crawling.. I mean after all, she needs to keep up with her brother as she chases after him. lol! She stands forever and can walk with the walker all day long. She has seemed to take after her brother and is a terrible terrible sleeper.. grr... Not quite sure why my kiddos dont like sleep.. but I still love them! I could just eat Bella up.. she makes me smile, laugh, cry, ect all at the same time. She isn't liking food too much lately, which really stresses me out sometimes, but I know she will eat when hungry. I continue to be so thankful for all I have been given... life has certainly been good to me.

Now a cute picture of my little cutie... seriously, check out that smile!

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