Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our great weekend with Alison, Jason, Lauren and Kyle

We had a wonderful time with Alison, Jason, Lauren and Kyle!  On Saturday we went to the Children's museum and Lauren and Jacob has SO MUCH FUN!  We bought season passes to the museum this year and I am so glad we did. We have already gone 4 times in 1 month!  We were all so tired when we go home, so we had pizza and just hung out at night.  Oh and how can I forget, while the kids were napping and the boys were watching sports, we had some fun taking pictures of Kyle. I soo.. miss taking pictures. I have been so tired lately, I just haven't had time.  This was good practice for when my little one comes.  I am going to post a few favorites of Kyle as well as some of Lauren and Jacob at the museum.  Thanks Alison and Jason for visiting! Please come again soon!!!

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